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I’m a barista. I love coffee and everything about it. I love making coffee, I love drinking coffee, I love talking about coffee — espresso in particular. I love making someone their daily treat. I love helping students stay awake while they study. I love training new baristas. I love learning more about coffee — it’s something you can spend a lifetime learning about and working on; there’s always room for improvement.

I am also an oboist. It’s like singing, but you don’t have to have any words, you just pour your soul out through the instrument. I went back to it after 20 years away of not playing at all. I play primarily with the Austin Civic Wind Ensemble.

And I am a painter. I work with encaustic, which is melted beeswax with damar resin added for hardness and stability. You can add pigment to it and voilá, waxy paint! It’s a pretty complex process but one that is really rewarding. You can do so much with encaustic that you can’t with regular paint; it’s so much fun.

Life is good.

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  1. Hi Rothkoi: I have a great photo of Geo. and Sofia Hauschildt and their son Vernon Oswald (“Dutch”) that was taken in Ponca City, Ok about 1919. I don’t think they are in your family tree, but thought you might know some Hauschildts in that family. If you do, let me know and I will be happy to give them a copy of the photo. Geo. and Sofia owned City Bakery in Ponca City and my grandmother worked for them. She thought they were great people. Their son, Oswald, ended up in California and was a music teacher there. I think in a high school or college. I posted the photo on findagrave for Oswald Vernon “Dutch” Hauschildt. Anyway, if you know anyone in that family, I will be happy send them a high quality scan of it, as the one I posted on findagrave is not the best resolution due to size requirements.

    Kind regards,
    Elkanah Talley

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