About Me









I don’t know what to write here or how to describe myself anymore. So I thought I’d paste in the responses to a Facebook question where I asked people to share a random memory of me.

  • musical budgie carer
  • Fantastic flutist!
  • I remember you coming out to visit me in Boston at a restaurant after I had been hiking the Appalachian trail with a bunch of brits! I was so happy to see you!
  • You played a song on the oboe for chapel that brought me to tears.
  • We had coffee at genuine joes and talked about encaustic and our local member group. I really liked visiting and thought we should do it again.
  • First meeting you on livejournal and discovering you know German.
  • We met at a birthday brunch and you were very kind to me. I was the only person who didn’t know everyone else and you went out of your way to keep me in the loop. It meant a lot to me.
  • We met in Kansas City on a VoxMeet – you came from MN and I came from NY.
  • We met at the Encaustic Conference in Santa Fe. We both had volunteered to hang the group show. I remember everyone being tired as it was late at night and their was much chaos happening. When we very first met, I declared with I hope was not a too forward approach, that I wanted to lead how the work would be hung. You graciously gave way and we hung the show in record time. I just wanted to get to bed. But we did a great job and it looked great.
  • College, REM and youthful misanthropy.
  • Well, there was that time on Christine’s graduation
  • Being invited to a party with your old Christian college chums and sneaking out with Rob to smoke a lot.
  • that time in nam
  • I saw you at a freshman orientation, signing in the new people (me included) and I thought, “She is so cool, I hope I get to hang out with her again…” ¬†Imagine my delight when you found me later and invited me to sit with the Corner Table crew…
  • I remember having delicious Indian food with you and Meta in Boston and being in awe of your cool mindvox personas.
  • Training for track with a mutual friend. I wasn’t kind with my comments, and I am sorry about that, but you should know she gave me a real good ass chewing. She’s a real friend to you.
  • That one author you had who was SO POMPOUS AND SELF-IMPORTANT. I think we were both pretty professional but you much more so than me.
  • those funky stretch pants… LOL
  • Well I should pick something further back, but I have to say it was the little music performance you gave at my last birthday party. I really liked it!
  • Elementary school floor hockey. You rushed in with stick flyin’
  • IRC. Something about a giant breast sculpture on the ceiling.
  • I remember the connection I felt to you, and the attention you paid to understanding the world.

So what have we learned about me here? I have budgies and I love them very much. I play music; started on flute in high school and then switched to oboe in college, still playing oboe today. I am an artist who has painted with encaustic. I like coffee. I speak German. My internet lineage can be traced back to Mindvox. I once lived in Boston. I once ran on the track team. I worked in publishing once.

I am from Minnesota, now living in Austin, Texas. I am 47 and have been married for 20 years to the smartest person I have ever met. I have a degree in Biblical and Theological Studies with a minor in New Testament Greek. After filling my resume full of data entry jobs and a brief stint in college textbook publishing, I spent ten years as a barista. After some midlife reevaluation, I am now going to seminary for an MA in Spiritual Formation to become a hospital or hospice chaplain. I have bipolar disorder and it has shaped my life for better or worse. My three parakeets are awesome and the BEST PETS EVAR. I am an amateur genealogist and was lucky enough to travel to Germany to trace my family to their homeland.

Those are the basics. Welcome.