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This is me. I am updating this page but I’m not sure what to say anymore. I had stuff about being a barista, an oboist, and a visual artist, but a lot of that is out of date. I no longer have the passion for specialty coffee I once did, and I haven’t painted in two years. In fact I moved out of my studio altogether. Still playing oboe though. Still super-interested in genealogy though I haven’t done much active research in the last couple years.

What have I been doing? How do I introduce myself now? I am a barista in name only, an artist who is not making art, and a musician who doesn’t practice much. I’m 46 and I like parakeets. I spend too much time on Facebook. I don’t know.

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  1. Hi Rothkoi: I have a great photo of Geo. and Sofia Hauschildt and their son Vernon Oswald (“Dutch”) that was taken in Ponca City, Ok about 1919. I don’t think they are in your family tree, but thought you might know some Hauschildts in that family. If you do, let me know and I will be happy to give them a copy of the photo. Geo. and Sofia owned City Bakery in Ponca City and my grandmother worked for them. She thought they were great people. Their son, Oswald, ended up in California and was a music teacher there. I think in a high school or college. I posted the photo on findagrave for Oswald Vernon “Dutch” Hauschildt. Anyway, if you know anyone in that family, I will be happy send them a high quality scan of it, as the one I posted on findagrave is not the best resolution due to size requirements.

    Kind regards,
    Elkanah Talley

  2. Hi Rothko – I’ve read your wonderful and interested page, therefore I’m distanthy related with your family about the “judges Jacob Quast the elder”. We also have a page on the platform MyHeritage – so it was very interested to know some information about the occupation (Job) of him and his son Jacob jr. Do you know the name of the other wife of Jacob sen. I only have the name of his wife Gesche Quast, born Stölken (1663-1727) – the other Lady must bin the mother of Hinrich, Johann and Bartelt (?). My relations to this family are Jacob Quast jr., Hein Quast, Maria Rahmstorf (born Quast), Margarethe Rüther (born Rahmstorf), Johann Rüter, Hein Reckmann. Hein Reckmann was my Ur-Ur-grandpa.
    Kind regards,
    Margret Pirzer

    • i don’t know why it took so long for me to find your comment! my apologies. i only have one child from the margarethe rahmstorf/peter rüter marriage, and that’s anna. i assume johann is a sibling of anna? are there others? as for jacob quast senior’s other wife, i have no record of one. i’d love to know more!

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