30 days of Get your art on, days 7-8

so the whole getting my art on hasn’t been going so well — thursday i was extremely uninspired and didn’t really manage anything at all, and friday (yesterday) was similar though i did make one ATC. it’s more decorative than artsy, really.

and today i am supercrank. irritating morning at work and plans for tonight i’m not that wild about. in between maybe some art will get done but we’ll see. i really hate to waste yet another day sleeping all day like yesterday. effexor and i are not getting along anymore. well– we get along, it’s just that we’ve been drifting apart lately, and i can see the time coming soon when we’ll have to part ways altogether and i’ll have to go on the market for a new pharmaceutical lover all over again. i suppose there’s an art journal spread there, but i’m all crankified and am so over the bipolar art thing right now. actually i’m just feeling resistant to the whole art thing in general today. wonder what that’s about.

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