so i don’t wanna pollute facebook with a million random things all night, so i’ll just do it here.

it’s been a crazy busy week and today is the first day i’ve not had to go anywhere or do anything. sunday was st. ed’s, monday was waterloo (super-hard stuff to play, wow), and tuesday was the austin civic wind ensemble, which was my first rehearsal with them. they’re playing a cute concert of mexican songs which is fun. wednesday i had a walk-through meeting for the RAWartists show on the 21st, where i’ll be showing my encaustics among lots of other artists, musicians, hair & makeup people, photographers, filmmakers, performance artists, fashionistas, and others. it’s a “cocktail attire” affair at the belmont (305 west 6th), 8pm – 2am (which is gonna be difficult, ouch) and i’m not sure how it’s gonna work with all the attendant accessories i would like to have with me if i make a sale. assuming i make a sale. gotta keep a positive attitude. i also have to sell tickets for this thing; artists have to sell 20 tickets at $15 each (=$300) or make up the difference ourselves. so it’d be nice if i could sell all 20, yikes. do i even know 20 people who’d come?

thursday made me cranky — the show we (the austin encaustic artists group) had at the dougherty had kind of a sad opening last month — mostly the artists and their loved ones. so they decided to have a closing reception too — although i don’t know who decided or when, as it was just randomly announced on the facebook group within the week. taking the show down was gonna be on friday during the day, but suddenly it got moved to thursday night after the reception ended at 8:30. that’s fun. so yeah, thursday night suddenly went from a free night to a taken one. but friday i had an oboe lesson which is always fun, and the evening was free, so we went to a friend’s whisky tasting party — woo!! i brought a rare port-aged edradour (not just *finished* in port casks but aged in them from the very beginning) and got to taste some other yummy things. the japanese yamazaki scotch in particular was really really nice. seems weird but they’ve got the right climate and everything for making scotch, so… yeah, yummy.

today was totally free. we went to costco briefly and then i practiced oboe for a while, patiently trying to break the howarth in for 20 minutes (swabbing it out after 10) and then switching to the old one… argh… tried to make a reed but totally sucked at it — i can tie them fine now but when it comes to carving/shaving them i’m a disaster. gotta hang on until friday’s oboe lesson where i can get a hands-on demo. and there’s new cane coming in plus some bitchin’ neon blue thread, woo. hopefully i’ll get a handle on it with the (20-year-old) cane i have left before i destroy any of the new stuff… (20 years, there’s yer problem, hah)

there’s a mosquito in here and it’s making me nuts. where the hell are they coming from? i kill one and another appears in its place. argh.

so tomorrow there’s a reception way up in georgetown for the encaustic show at the library there from 2-4, and then st. ed’s from 5-7. who knows if i’ll be able to make it from one to the other on time — i’ve already emailed the conductor to tell him i might be late. no idea what the traffic might be like, and it takes like 45 minutes even when there’s no traffic. actually i’m thinking the super bowl might eat all the traffic, because by 4:00 everybody’s pretty much glued to the tv anyway. maybe.

and then the week starts all over again with work on monday at 5am. woohoo!!

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