random oboe

so it’s been a while since i posted, doh. i am still fighting the reeds and i think i’m just too reckless with the knife — gouging the cane way deeper than i need to and then shredding the tip before i even get a crow out of it. takes more finesse than i apparently have. meanwhile, it’s back to the music store for another reed. the one i’ve been playing was great but suddenly really sucks. at least it got me through the concert season…

of the four ensembles i listed a couple posts back, i played one concert with the waterloo group and then bid them adieu — wasn’t that fond of the conductor. the austin civic wind ensemble is a joy to play with — very talented people there. i’m trying to get a wind quintet started. (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and horn.) the st. edward’s university orchestra is pretty fun as well. we played some nice repertoire for summer I (massenet’s “phèdre” was my favorite, especially the little oboe duet), and summer II will start pretty soon. after july 4th, ACWE is on summer break too until probably late august.

the howarth needs some adjustment; suddenly B and C are very flat. new oboes need a lot of adjustment at first, so this doesn’t concern me too much — what concerns me more is finding someone decent to do the adjustment. i guess my teacher usually takes hers to the guy at strait music if it’s fairly routine; major work i think she takes to san antonio.

speaking of teacher, i haven’t seen her in months; we had a few reedmaking lessons and then i stopped going for a while. gotta start seeing her again for actual music lessons again — i’ve improved quite a lot in the interim and could use some more musical guidance.

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