today’s find

the “city-wide garage sale” was today — basically an antique flea market. i found this 1958 national geographic atlas for $35 — europe is completely different; see the photo of the entirety of the former yugoslavia, for example. interesting to compare it to my modern nat.geo atlas. i’m a huge map geek, always have been.

i’ve been soliciting penpals on the postcrossing website. couple of germans answered so far. they sound cool so i figure i’ll write and see what happens. i’m kind of a bad pen pal but i always try and change… we’ll see…

practice session for the barista competition tonight. competition is the 23rd, not too far away now. i’ve gotta work on my speech/presentation now; i’ve got my signature drink down and all that. gonna bring my whole setup tonight and see how it goes.

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