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German farmers move to Minnesota and become… farmers.

No stories of royalty here, but lots of hardworking German farmers and blacksmiths moving to the States in search of a better life.

Surnames in my tree include: Brunner, Fredericks, Gihlstorf, Haack, Hahn, Hauschildt, Horn, Junkman, Kienholz, Lichtenfeldt, Meredith (Meredig?), Meyer, Pirius, Post, Quast, Schultz, Stemman, Stemmer, Thomforde, Wenzel. I am able to provide quite a lot of info on certain Hauschildts and Quasts who came from the Altes Land, near Hamburg, Germany — mainly Neuenfelde, Jork, Cranz, Estebrügge and places nearby.

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