so this blog has been sitting here unused for like a year and a half. what kind of internet addict am i, anyway? oh yeah, a chronic facebooker, that’s what. it’s mostly here for the genealogy thing which reminds me i should upload those pictures of the blacksmith shop. gotta find what jürgen wrote about them for me.

got deeply engrossed in the charlie hebdo thing last night and ended up at a pretty dark place what with all the killing and hatred and stuff when we’re on this tiny insignificant rock floating out in the infinite cosmos all alone as far as we know — and all we have is each other, that’s what it comes down to, so why can’t we love? that’s all we fucking have that means anything at all. why is there so much hate?

i gotta read how the existentialists dealt with it all. need a “sartre for dummies” or something.

it’s been cloudy and rainy for weeks and no sign of it letting up. that’s certainly part of my mood. see the dr. in just over a week. we’ll see what he has to say. maybe i should start using mathew’s special happy light thing.

so winter break is now over and the cafe opens back up on monday. classes start the week after. back to RLM, joy of joys. i interviewed for another job over break but it was on the 22nd so there was holiday and all that and on top of that they’re just being really slow. said they were waiting on one more interview this week, which doesn’t sound good. i mean if they wanted me they wouldn’t have scheduled another one, right? so yeah, right back where i was at the coffee bean. someplace that’s okay but not good enough. RLM kinda sucks but it’s okay at least. the people are chill. the customers are mostly fine. it’s just that i’m pushing a goddamn button on a superautomatic machine instead of using all that expensive barista guild training.

also, do i really want to be a barista when i’m 50? i’m 43 now, it’s going to become relevant at some point.

i have no idea what else to do, is the thing.


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