John & Anna Post

So my great-great-grandfather John Post is my total brick wall. I have his obituary, which says he was born in Neidenburg, East Prussia. (It’s Nidzica, Poland now.) Neidenburg was the name of a Kreis (sorta like county) AND a village, so there’s a larger area I need to look at than just one village. So far I haven’t come up with anything. He married in 1881 and came over after that with his wife and presumably one child. Family rumor has it he wasn’t a Post at all but was born with another name and then raised by a Post family and took their name. ARGH. I’ve looked at some of the church books in the area (I was told there were Posts in the Narzym, Poland area), but so far nothing’s come up. I’ve got like five more microfilms on order with the LDS and I’m hoping something comes up there. It’s SO frustrating when I’ve got Quast names back to 1635 and can’t get past 1856 with this guy.

At any rate, someone posted this URL of pictures from old Neidenburg, among other villages in the area, which is really really cool. Pictures of other villages are here.


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