Happy new year

So I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions. Total setup for failure, why court disappointment? This year though people are talking about having a “word” for 2018, some thing or concept to focus on for the year. Summing up a goal in one word. Somehow that seems to be less daunting.

Up until this point (8pm New Year’s Eve), I haven’t given it much thought. But “presence” has occurred to me just now, and it’s got me thinking.

Being present for the immediate moment. Present for others. Present before God, God’s presence in me. Being a “present,” a gift, to others.

That’s quite a lot and it only just scratched the surface. And speaking of surface-level, I’d like to be present here on this blog more often than once a year, which seems to be my average so far. So I’m going to try harder. I wish it had as wide a reach as LiveJournal did, as Facebook currently does, but I guess I’ll just mirror it on Facebook and Twitter and hope for the best. I really want to get away from Facebook but it’s so hard — everybody says that but nobody leaves because then they’d lose touch with their friends. What if we all left at once, wouldn’t that be great? Unthinkable though.

At any rate, happy new year to you and yours. May it be eight thousand eleventy hundred and seventy-eight point three one four percent more awesome than 2017.

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