saw my sufi teacher yesterday. yet again the things that have been speaking to me were confirmed; i need to start with myself before i can help others. i have this huge need to give but i don’t know what and i don’t know where, and the thing really is, what do i have to give? i gotta develop it first.

secure your own mask before assisting others.

changing one’s framework and point of view is the first order of business. you don’t HAVE to view the world in a negative light. you CHOOSE to, and you can equally choose not to.

i need some sort of coherent spiritual community. the sufis i hang around with have zikr once a month but other than that you sorta have to initiate contact if you wanna talk to anybody, we aren’t in regular communication with each other. i think i need to visit the church of conscious harmony on sunday. sunday church, argh. but this is not a regular church by any means. it’s a bunch of contemplative christian mystics who see the divine in much the same way the inayati sufis do, that is, we are in god and god is within us. there is constant binding union and otherness has no place, there is only One. this sort of thinking makes regular christians pretty nervous.

anyway. taking a facebook holiday. it’s filling me with negativity on a daily basis. need to drastically reduce that.

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