Day 23 of 30 days to Get your art on

so yesterday i decided to take my journal pages about a certain subject and put them all into their own book. that involved ripping about half the signatures out of the moleskine i’d been working in and binding them all together with my zutter bind-it-all. i collaged the covers (haven’t done the back cover yet) and here it is.
front cover
that’s charlotte gainsbourg from a balenciaga perfume ad.

first page
inside front
i like how the inside front cover tells a delicious story…

inside back

i also bound the remaining blank pages from the moleskine since i’m sure there will be much more to say about my subject…

days 20-21 of Getting your art on, sorta

day 20 was a bust. today, though, is day 21, and i finished an art journal layout plus another background — both too wet to put on the scanner at the moment, but i did it, promise! i am hoping my shrink’s interesting trick with my meds works out. i am cautiously optimistic.

day 19 of not getting your art on

today i pretty much slept the whole day away. depression has taken hold, seeing the dr tomorrow. i’ve mostly unpacked from the art trip though there are still some supplies to organize and put away.

day off tomorrow, maybe i’ll get something done. who knows.

days 17-18 of Get your art on

so day 17 was sunday, which was a no art day. i got up at 4:30am and made it to austin around 9:30am. had some, er, special time with the husband and then slept most of the day away.

i’m not sure if i’ll get anything done today yet. it’s 3:30 and mostly i’ve been sleeping and puttering around on facebook and google+. so there may or may not be another post for today. who knows.

day 16 of Get your art on

so this was saturday. i think maybe i burned myself out on friday — on saturday i felt just blah, a little blue, and a little anxious. some coffee helped a little bit but not much. but anyway, this is day 16.
blue today
it's your face
cool layout
this layout was done in a workshop by lisa maxwell brown. i love it but i’m not sure if i’m gonna use it for journaling or just leave it as is. i’m tempted to just leave it.
afa 2011
my work
these are a couple 4x4s i whipped up real quick — i traded a bunch of them this weekend, yay! and now i have enough to bind up into a book, so i needed a cover and stuff.

i did so much trading this weekend!! it was awesome and there were so many great artists there.