ensemble playing, yay!

so i contacted four community bands/orchestras and will be playing in probably 3, though i’ve only rehearsed with one of the three yet.

the fourth one was the austin symphonic band; they let me sit in on a rehearsal even though they don’t need any oboes. as it happened two of the oboists were gone that night so it was a good thing i was around. they’re phenomenal. it’s a full-on symphonic band lineup with 90 players. big rich sound, totally amazing. bummer i won’t be joining them, but whatever.

i went to the waterloo wind band’s rehearsal on monday night and it was fun — a small, growing group that has a lot of promise. they’re rehearsing for a spring concert and so it’s all broadway and pops, which i kinda dislike. but oh well — they were so glad to have an oboist — they had none at all — that they were all “an oboe! yay!!” when i walked in.

then i had a little, brief audition with the conductor of the st. edward’s university orchestra — apparently it’s such that they need players from the community to fill out the roster, as st. ed’s is not exactly a music school. i played a bit of the schumann i’ve been working on (three romances) and did a little sightreading for him, and he was satisfied and invited me to play. i think he just wanted to make sure i didn’t completely suck.

this coming tuesday is the austin civic wind ensemble‘s rehearsal. i inquired and they were totally like yeah, come along. don’t know much about them. they’re way up north and the rehersals are 7:30 to 9:30 pm — that gets me home around 10, and then i get up at 4:30 for work, which sucks as i try to be in bed by 9, but whatever. i’ll manage. waterloo is the same hours but they’re like 5-10 minutes away. st. ed’s is earlier, 5-7 and they’re totally close too.

so st. ed’s is sunday night, waterloo is monday night, and ACWE is tuesday night. i kinda wonder if i’m spreading myself too thin, but we’ll see.

the howarth is lovely but i have to break it in carefully so i can only play it like 10 minutes at a time for a while.

i tried to make a reed yesterday but it was a huge fail. couldn’t keep the cane straight, couldn’t tie it tight enough to close the sides, couldn’t wrap it well… god, it was awful. i was watching kerry willingham’s videos on youtube and trying to follow along but didn’t succeed. gonna have to have faith teach me in person. i used to make my reeds back when, but apparently i’ve completely forgotten how. the reeds i’ve been buying so far completely suck. argh.

i really need to get my butt into the encaustic studio again — haven’t been in weeks. i’ve got plenty of time to do it, just haven’t been sufficiently motivated.

encaustic studio

oh, and that studio space i mentioned? so totally put down a deposit on that. yes!! it’s basically just a table in a shared room of a larger studio, but there’s a ventilation hood over each table and a big hood in the middle of the room as well. the table is like 2′ x 4′ but there’s a big table in the center of the room as well. for $100/month that’s totally fine by me. AND it’s in the same complex as Big Medium, which is kinda cool. street cred and all. i’m allowed to show in EAST if i want. not sure i’m ready for that, but we’ll see. i move in august 1st. SO FREAKIN’ EXCITED!!!


so wow, i haven’t posted much for a long time. not since i started dating tine, which was back in november. we’ve been together ever since. we are madly in love. always grateful to the universe that brought us together, to chance, to some sort of god, whatever. we’re so good with each other.

there’s a whole new journal devoted to her that i haven’t scanned. so far it ends at valentine’s day, though — haven’t journaled about her in a really long time… i guess because one never really talks about the everyday things that are going well, just the big events.

i started a new book — took that old german text that i lifted from some high school during some speech contest or other (“deutsch: entdecken wir es!” sooooo 70s…), ripped half the signatures out and glued pages together to make them a bit sturdier. although i’m not sure the glue stick will hold very well; i might have to do it again. i just got the new “art journaling” magazine (the day it came out, lol) and i’m all inspired now, heh. have to gesso the pages but it takes so freakin’ long to let them dry… used the heat gun on the few pages i gessoed but i think they’re still gonna stick together. oh well, makes for an interesting effect i suppose.

going to costa rica later this month, baby — sweet. i put together a traveling art kit that i hope works well; have a very small journal to use. one of those strathmore visual journals for mixed media. have to depend solely on watercolor pencils, which is gonna be a big challenge for this acrylics addict…

bought a new toy; a polaroid PoGo printer. it prints directly from your camera via bluetooth or USB — 2″ x 3″ prints on sticker paper, which is freakin’ awesome. major art journal score. such a shame polaroid went under. really. also a shame i can’t take a decent, in-focus photograph to save my life… whatever. it’ll be fun.