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I use Heredis for Mac 2014 for my genealogy work. It’s a French program that lets you upload your tree to their free website. Kinda like Family Tree Maker uploads to only it actually works the way you want it to. It makes really nice charts and books too. I migrated from Reunion 10 for Mac not because Reunion was bad, I just liked Heredis better.

I have an enormous amount of people to thank for this; including Christine Tlougan Lafler who gave me her original GEDCOM file on the Hauschildts, Jürgen Hoffman of Cranz, Germany for his amazing help with the Hauschildt line, Gerd Matthees (R.I.P.) from Estebrügge, Herbert and Käthe Quast of Neuenfelde for their hospitality and infinite amounts of help with the Quast family, and the kind folks at the LDS Family History Center in Austin. There are many more who I haven’t named who have been of great help as well.

Here is the tree.

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  1. Hi Rothko,
    you have asked for help in the German forum of I had a look at the freely available information and posted it there. Have a look.


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